Since our foundation in 1957, our organization maintains the commitment to promote the education and advancement of the Microbiology and related scientific disciplines.  This commitment for the advancement of our profession while promoting the ethics and values still as the basis of our members.

We are living in a highly demanding world which at the same is in constant change.  Globally, we are experiencing changes in the sciences, economy, education, culture, business, and a constant explosion of knowledge.  These changes represent a challenge for every scientific and educational organization. 

The challenge is to transform our organization as the leaders of the scientific community.   As scientific leaders we have the responsibility to act with ethics, discipline, commitment, justice and respect for all forms of life and the environment.  We have the responsibility to construct bridges to unite people, not to isolate them.  

The Puerto Rico Society of Microbiologists responsibility is to educate and develop new generations and professionals as leaders with the capacity of shaping the future with a new vision.   This new vision shall be raised with hope, education, innovation, and trust.  

As president, my commitment is to lead and support the future generations and students with courage, faith, and a high degree of ethics toward a better world.

Ricardo Diaz

PRSM - President, 2016-2017