Yilitza Olivera-Santiago, BS, CQA, CQM-OE

 Yilitza Olivera- Santiago is a Compliance – Quality Manager at MPROC Medtronic, with over 25 years of experience in the Manufacturing industry. For Medtronic Puerto Rico, she is responsible for Core Quality Systems in Juncos, Villalba & Humacao manufacturing entities. 

As a Senior-level professional, Yilitza has a proven track record of driving key business operations improvements and team development initiatives for Pharmaceutical Solid Orals, Medical Devices, API, Parenteral and Consumer Product industries in USA, Latin America & Europe.

She obtained her Industrial Microbiology bachelor’s degree in the Biology Department of the University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez Campus, where she completed her under graduated seminar in Food Microbiology. Before getting her college degree worked for Bristol Myers Squibb – Mayaguez as a Laboratory Technician for Parental drugs.

Yilitza has a Professional Certificate in Leadership from UPR Carolina, focus on critical details to implement business transformation. Recently she earned the Medtronic People Leader Certification, thru successfully completing the Edge Program: A Path to Leadership Excellence.

Mrs. Olivera has been a member of the Puerto Rico Society of Microbiologists (PRSM) and the American Society for Microbiology (ASM) since college years, when graduated in 1994.  In the PRSM, she has participated as a board member during 2018-2019.  Yilitza is a Senior Member of the American Society for Quality (ASQ), a worldwide professional organization where she had been certified as Quality Manager / Operational Excellence and Quality Auditor.

During her presidency of the PRSM Board for 2019 -2020, her mission had been focusing on academia and industry collaboration, providing undergraduate college students the opportunity to learn and understand different opportunities available as a Microbiologist professional.

Beyond her professional life, Yilitza supports nonprofit organizations serving as a liaison between the industry and the community, principally focus on child development, environment, and animal protection.